do good animation-work and talk about it - renderbaron-owner marc potocnik gives a look behind the scenes via lectures at international professional conferences or as author of making-of-reports.




intel® whitepaper

intel® publishes an official whitepaper on benchmarking different hardware configurations with marc potocniks "mountainvista" scene. read here ....


masterclass in procedural landscaping

recording of the talk @ siggraph 2018 in vancouver. a masterclass on procedural landscaping with cinema 4d r20. watch here...


"siggraph 2018: procedural landscaping with cinema 4d". for intel® marc potocnik created "moutainvista", a 3d scenery for benchmarking intel® latest i9/ optane-systems. check out more info and a small makingof @ intel® software developer zone...


"of channels, reflections and wallpapers"

dcc-magazine "digital production" publishes a 5 part series of articles by marc potocnik on "shading, lighting & rendering with cinema 4d r19".

part 02: the materialsystem of cinema 4d and how to deal with textures. load the free pdf here...


"is there light or can i chuck it?"

dcc-magazine "digital production" publishes a 5 part series of articles by marc potocnik on "shading, lighting & rendering with cinema 4d r19".

part 01: basics of shading and all about brdf with lambert and gouraud, phong, blinn & co. load the free pdf here...



audi technologies staged by renderbaron checkout a 7-pages breakdown on visualizations for audi in issue 06:2017 of „digital production" - including an indepth look at the reflectance channel in cinema 4d. load the free pdf here...


procedural landscaping with cinema4d

checkout a 7-pages breakdown of the visual effects for googoosh „do panjereh“ in issue 04:2017 of „digital production“ and learn everything about noise shaders in cinema 4d. load the free pdf here...


color-spaces, variations and metallic paint

marc potocnik publishes an in-depth tutorial on the creation of metallic paint with cinema 4d r16 and above (click) and two comprehensive tutorials on the colorchooser (click) and the variationshader (click) of cinema4d r17 and above. tutorials are in german.



shiny as steel, velvety as wax

unusual shader-setups for cinema 4d - developed and explained by marc potocnik in a 7-pages tutorial (german) of dcc-magazine "digital production". load the pdf here...


deepdive with cinema 4d

marc potocnik breaks down recent underwater-visualizations for tv-documentaries. recording of the livestream from ibc 2016 in amsterdam. watch here...


photorealism without global illumination

marc potocniks new tutorial in the issue 94 of "3dartist" (2016) shows how convincing, elegant and efficient this can be. load the pdf here and take a look at the resulting renderings here...



artists and their work

marc ptoocnik interviewed by rob garrott, about his works, inspirations and tools. taken during siggraph 2015 in los angeles. watch here...


3d-scans for "unter freiem himmel"

digital production, 2015 (germ.). making-of 3d-face-scans for marc potocniks movie-project "unter freiem himmel".


scientific eyecandy - vfx for tv-documentaries recording of the talk @ siggraph 2015 in los angeles. breakdowns of recentprojects and lots of live-demos.



portrait of studio renderbaron

a view behind the scenes at renderbaron and video-interview with marc potocnik, recorded in october 2014.


realworld shading & lighting for audi

recording of the talk @ ibc 2014 in amsterdam. makingof recent projects and live-demo focused on metallic carpaints.



lighting-techniques for visualization & vfx recording of the talk @ siggraph 2013 in anaheim/ kalifornien. live-demo & makingof current projects.


audi e-fuels

dosch design magazine, 2013

making-of animation-movies for audi



abenteuer wissen,, 2010 (engl.)

making-of animations for tv-documentary "abenteuer wissen" @ zdf (second german tv-channel).


abenteuer wissen

digitalproduction, 2010 (germ.)

making-of animations for tv-documentary "abenteuer wissen" @ zdf.



bmw 7 hydrogen

digitalproduction, 2008 (germ.)

making-of renderbarons visualization for bmw 7 hydrogen @ l.a. motorshow.


mammoet ptc

cad-cam, 2008 (germ.)

making-of staging the worlds largest crane, the mammoet ptc for tv-documentary "abenteuer leben" @ kabel1.


der bildermacher

rheinische post, 2008 (germ.)

newspaper-feature about the work of marc potocnik.



bmw 7 hydrogen, 2007 (engl.)


mammoet ptc, 2007 (engl.)


unter freiem himmel

agd viertel, 2007 (germ.)

feature about marc potocniks movie project "unter freiem himmel" (under open sky) in the quaterly journal of alliance of german designers (agd)

recent talks

marc potocnik is happy about lectures given in los angeles, vancouver, singapore, anaheim, amsterdam, berlin, hamburg, munich, etc. at the following occasions:


siggraph 2018

maxon usermeetings 2017

ibc 2016

maxon usermeetings 2015

siggraph 2015

maxon usermeetings 2014

ibc 2014

fmx 2014

ibc 2013

siggraph 2013

maxon usermeetings 2013

ibc 2012

animago conference 2012

sae alumni convention 2012

animago conference 2011

maxon usermeeting 2011

focus award 2011

3dtalk 2010

animago conference 2009

maxon usermeeting 2009

incas 3d-forum 2009

maxon roadshow 2008



next talk

maxon cinema 4d supermeet,

01 - 02 nov 2018, frankfurt

more info here...