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"audi technologies staged by renderbaron" - checkout a 7-pages breakdown on visualizations for audi in issue 06:2017 of „digital production". load the free pdf here...



celebrating 16 years of renderbaron - with a doublefeature tonight on television: tune in zdf "terra xpress" on 6.30 pm and see drones and giant ground holes - more info here. then, at 7.30 pm watch "terra x" about the synthesis of atoms, stellar nebulae, about salt crystals and uranium turning to lead - more info here.



renderbaron @ maxon usermeetigns 2017 - maxon is on tour again with its annual usermeetings, this year in cologne, hamburg and munich. marc potocnik will join all three events and give a MakingOf about procedural landscaping for a music video. more info here...



"kunstpunkte 2017" @ renderbaron -  "kunstpunkte" are two weekends of open doors  in studios of düsseldorf based artists. on 23/24 september 2017 marc potocnik will perform the multivision "sheeps and dogs" in his studio, a hand drawn animal fable about racism and a dangerous repetition of history. more info here...



procedural landscaping with cinema4d (and everything you always wanted to know about noise shaders…) - checkout a 7-pages breakdown of the visual effects for googoosh „do panjereh“ in issue 04:2017 of „digital production“. load the free pdf here...



three episodes of zdf „terra xpress“ in a row with visual effects made by renderbaron: third one on coming sunday, june 11, 2017 - investigating the theft of precious koi carps. on air june 11, 2017, 6.30 pm @ zdf.  more info here...



three episodes of zdf „terra xpress“ in a row with visual effects made by renderbaron: second one on coming sunday, june 4, 2017 - explaining the principle of gps-positioning. on air june 4, 2017, 6.30 pm @ zdf.  more info here...



three episodes of zdf „terra xpress“ in a row with visual effects made by renderbaron: first one on coming sunday, may 28 - exploring the formation of storm tides in the baltic sea. on air may 28, 2017, 6.30 pm @ zdf.  more info here...



science-fiction-styled romance shortmovie:  renderbaron creates all visual effects for the latest muscivideo "do panjereh" ("two windows") of persian pop-legend googoosh - a song about a couple being seperated on different planets. watch here (incl. link to a makingof on the visual effects)...



color-spaces, variations and metallic paint: marc potocnik publishes an in-depth tutorial on the creation of metallic paint with cinema 4d r16 and above (click) and two comprehensive tutorials on the colorchooser (click) and the variationshader (click) of cinema4d r17 and above. tutorials are in german.



new year, new website-category: "stills" shows hires still-imagery from the field of virtual photography, visualization and advertisement. watch here...


unter freiem himmel (under open sky)

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