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"artists and their work" - rob garrott,'s video content manager, sat down with marc potocnik to talk about his work, inspirations and tools and the industry as a whole. taken during ‪siggraph 2015‬ in los angeles. see it here...



„the myth of the highlands“ - zdf´s tv-documentary „terra x - faszination erde“ explores the geological origins of scotland and england - with the help of animations made by renderbaron. on air 29 november, 07.30 pm @ zdf - more info here...



3d-face-scans for "unter freiem himmel" - powered by scanner-manufacturer polymetric and prof. journal digital production some 3d-face-scans were taken from the actors of the movie "unter freiem himmel" (see right). a detailed makingof has now been puplished in the latest issue of digital production and can be read as a free (german) pdf here...



zdf´s tv-documentary „terra x - faszination erde“ takes a look at „the secret of darkness“ and reveals how bats find their favorite flowers at night or what´s behind the dark spots of the hubble heep field picture - with the help of animations made by renderbaron. on air 11 october, 19.30 pm @ zdf - more info here...



„shiny as steel, silky as wax“ - learn how to setup surprisingly smart shaders in marc potocniks workshops @ maxon usermeetings 2015. see you in hamburg, cologne and munich!

- more info here...



celebrating 14 years of renderbaron! thank you for interesting & challenging creative projects since october 1, 2001.



„under the spell of sunlight“ - zdf´s tv-documentary „terra X - faszination erde“ explores the blessing and the curse of the suns activity and reveals how light changes in the deep sea - with the help of animations made by renderbaron. on air 04 october, 19.30 pm @ zdf - more info here...



"when the wasp wants your cake" - tv-documentary-show "terra xpress" explores the behaviour of wasps and hornets - with visual effects made by renderbaron. on air 13 sep. 15, 6.30 p.m. @ zdf. more info here...



"lighting techniques for visualization & vfx" -  at this network-event by maxon-distributor "im innovations" marc potocnik breaks down astonishing lighting-techniques with cinema 4d - 26 august .2015, 2pm - 4pm, singapur polytechnical highschool, singapur.

more info hier...



"scientific eyecandy - vfx for tv documentaries" - check out marc potocniks talks live recorded at ‪maxon‬ booth @ siggraph 2015‬ in los angeles here...



renderbaron @ siggraph 2015 in los angeles -  at worlds largest conference for computergraphics marc potocnik will present some "scientific eyecandy", a breakdown of recent projects - live on 11 august, 11.30 am and 13 august, 12.30 pm live at maxon booth. tune in for a livestreaming @



renderbaron is looking for new talents. you are totally into movies and you love cinema4d? then you should apply for a traineeship at renderbaron in düsseldorf here...



"the nightmare of flying" - zdf´s tv-documentary "leschs kosmos" explores the hidden dangers of aviation and reveals the frontiers of man and machine - with the help of animations made by renderbaron. on air 28 april, 11.35 pm @ zdf. more info:



renderbaron on air in a double pack: starting sunday, 22 february, 6.30pm @ zdf with alpine visual effects for tv-documentary "terra xpress" and followed at 7.30pm by sharp impressions from a tigersharks mouth for "terra x". more info here and here.



unter freiem himmel (under open sky)

get latest news and more information on marc potocniks movie-project "unter freiem himmel" @


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