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renderbaron @ 3dtalk in hamburg - on 02.12.10 marc potocnik shows some behind-the-scenes of shading & lighting current projects with cinema4d. check out a photo of the speech here...



silent pictures - video art in public spaces: video-artist from düsseldorf present their work in the glasshouse at worringerplatz, düsseldorf. also there: marc potocnik with his videomontage "daylight". 12.-16.10.10, from nightfall to midnight. impressions of the premiere can be seen here...



impressive 3d - the blog of maxon-reseller software3d features the work of renderbaron. read here ....



on behalf of of jwt düsseldorf renderbaron produced a seven-second tv-tagon for listerine mouthwash (johnson and johnson). from 26.09.10 on @ primetime on your favourite tv-channel. see here ....



on behalf of of jwt düsseldorf renderbaron produced six animations for staging the new nokia n8 in a public place. 27.09. - 04.10.2010, subway station friedrichstrasse berlin. see here



primetime with renderaron - the professional journal "digital production" features a detailed article on marc potocniks visualizations for second german tv-channel. read the article here...



sustainable design as a competitive advantage - marc potocnik showcases some of his works @ 6th rhine design symposium in düsseldorf. 21.09.09, from 16h, kit-gallery, düsseldorf. participation is free. more info and program here ....



right through the earth - for the coverphoto of a magazine-feature marc potocnik created the view of a cross-sectioned earth. download it here as a desktop picture, free for personal, non-commercial use...



fiery fluid animations - the renowned international journal "3dworld" reports on visual effects of renderbaron with the cinema4d-plugin "turbulence fd" of read here...



on cinema4d-mission in south korea - marc potocnik meets members of the korean cinema4d-community in seoul/south korea and gets to know the local cinema4d-academy. see a movie of this cool meeting here



icehockey worldchampionship with renderbaron - on behalf of of jwt düsseldorf renderbaron produces a fullcg tv-spot for nokia airing during advertising breaks on german sports-channel sport1. see here...



the shave continues: on behalf of of jwt düsseldorf renderbaron produced several full-cg-TV spots render baron for wilkinson sword airing in april & may several times daily on rtl, sat1, pro7, vox, dmax, MTV, among others. the spot for wilkinson quattro titanium can be watched here...



silky skin with renderbaron: renderbaron produces two full-cg-spots for wilkinson swords lady shaver "intuition" airing in march and may on rtl, sat1, pro7, vox, and others. watch here



the agency - on behalf of taglichtmedia cologne renderbaron created visualisations for a long-term documentation of arte international about the international atomic energy authority. onair-date: 05.03.10, 23:20 on arte. see here



lighting and rendering with renderbaron: cinema4d-users can expand their lighting-skills with trainer marc potocnik @ 3dpowerstore düsseldorf. date: 18 - 19.02.10. info and registration here



benchmarking with squealing tires - maxon released their brand new test-suite "cinebench" for measuring the performance of computer systems. including a complex animation of a carchase to determine the performance of your graphics card with opengl - made by renderbaron. free download here...

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